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BIOCOZ GLOBAL, a life science biopharmaceutical company, has been focusing on cell regeneration research with a vision of improving the quality of life by providing innovative treatments to incurable chronic skin diseases.

We embarked our research on cell regeneration activators of stem cells in 2006 and successfully developed SPM™, the proprietary regenerating agent, in 2017. SPM™ is in the application for a patent1)

Our innovative technology SPM™ is a composition where cell activating ingredients are effectively compounded. The activators in SPM™ are identified by grouping and analyzing numerous components in umbilical cord stem cell conditioned media. SPM™, a safe composition consisting of only the components present in the human body, shows efficacy on chronic skin disease and wound treatment.

BIOCOZ GLOBAL believes that SPM™ provides the potential to develop new products competitive to the existing dermatological therapeutic drugs in the market. Additionally, we believe SPM™ can lead to the development of medical products that can be applied for the regeneration of damaged cells and improving cellular function.

With SPM™, BIOCOZ GLOBAL is developing business pipelines comprising of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
For pharmaceutical development, we are continuing scientific research to solidify the validity of SPM™ and to expand its indications. We are also planning to introduce several medical device products and currently are preparing a regulatory process with institutions such as the US FDA. Furthermore, we are building businesses for consumer products including physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals.

With our dedication and commitment to improving the quality of life, we will continue to grow as a global biopharmaceutical company, delivering the value of life science to human society.

1) PCT national application on process under US 62/316.948 in Korea, Japan, China and EU.