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SPM™ is a bio-composition where cell activating ingredients are effectively compounded

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Development of SPM™

SPM™ is the key outcome of 12 years of scientific research by BIOCOZ GLOBAL, which will provide an alternative to conventional cell treatment therapies.
SPM™ is a bio-composition containing recombinant human protein. It is a safe and effective composition for cell growth and regeneration.

  • Umbilical cord stem cell (2006~)

    • Conducted stem cell conditioned media research to overcome the disadvantages of stem cells, which contain various unidentified ingredients and are known to have the risk of carcinogenicity.
  • Confirmed bio-composition (2011)

    • By studying the efficacy of cellular activating ingredients, a bio-composition consisting of 300 cell activating ingredients has been screened
  • Completion of SPM™ (2015)

    • The study continued to reduce ingredients while managing safety and efficacy.
    • SPM™ consisting of 23 cell activating ingredients is completed.
    • SPM™ Patent Application (2017)
  • Further in-vitro & clinical Study (2019~)

    • Developing SPM™ based safe and effective treatments for various applications.
    • Developing a topical wound dressing agent to aid tissue regeneration, prevent infection and reduce inflammation.

The wide applicability of SPM™

  • SPM™ is a safe bio-composition

    SPM™ consists of biochemical substances such as amino acids, inorganic salts, vitamins, and human-derived proteins, all of which are already existing in the human body.
    Unlike conventional bioproducts, SPMTM consists of 100% biochemically identified components, so there is a significantly low risk of component uncertainty or deformation. No side effects were observed such as drug resistance or the risk of immune deficiency.

  • SPM™ has cell regeneration & recovery efficacy

    SPM™ has a therapeutic mechanism such as promoting cell proliferation and extracellular matrix generation, which support wound recovery and skin regeneration.
    Another therapeutic efficacy of SPM™ is the regulation of inflammatory response.

  • SPM™ shows synergistic properties

    SPM™ has synergistic properties when applied with key substances that aid cell regeneration and tissue formation.
    BIOCOZ GLOBAL is in the process of conducting an ascertaining study to further identify such properties of SPM™.

Therapeutic mechanism of SPM™

  • Excellent wound healing and skin regeneration agent
    • Promotes cell proliferation
    • Promotes extracellular matrix1) protein synthesis
    • Supports wound recovery and skin regeneration

    Efficacy and safety have been demonstrated in preliminary case studies for burns, diabetic foot ulcers and corneal diseases.

  • Candidate for immunological disease treatment
    • Reduces the inflammatory response
    • Inhibits immune-related genes2) such as IL-1α, IL-4, IL-6, IL-13, TNF- α, and IFN-γ that are involved in histamine secretion
    • Restores the immune system and prevents immune-disease

    We are conducting pre-clinical tests with eczema and psoriasis patients.

  • Candidate for atopic dermatitis treatment
    • Inhibits mast cell degranulation function
    • Prevents and recovers atopy dermatitis

    We are conducting pre-clinical tests with atopic dermatitis patients.

  • 1) Extracellular Matrix serves to maintain homeostasis by providing structural and biochemical support of surrounding cells, activating growth factors, and encouraging cell-to-cell communication
  • 2) A cytokine excreted in immune cells that promote inflammation

Applicable Indications of SPM™

BIOCOZ GLOBAL is developing commercialized therapeutic products, targeting specific diseases including immune-mediated disease, eczema, chronic skin diseases, and corneal diseases.

  • Fractional Laser

  • Diabetes Skin Care

  • Severe Burn Care

  • Pressure Ulcer

  • Ichthyosis

  • Dry Eczema

  • Atopic Eczema

Recommendation Letter of Dr. Martin C. Mihm Jr.

“After careful evaluation of the efficacy and safety of SPM, the active solution of the company, I am pleased to recommend this outstanding product”