Who We Are

To Improve the Quality of Life for Everyone
BIOCOZ GLOBAL is committed to the Life Sciences with continued research for the development of treatments and cures for currently incurable skin diseases and innovative Inflammation Treatment issues.
BIOCOZ GLOBAL’s core patented technology is SPM™ BIOCOZ GLOBAL has acquired the original technology patent for base substances in Korea (2017) and the USA (2020).

SPM™ produces excellent results in the treatment of chronic skin diseases and wounds.

SPM™ is proving to be a leading solution for overcoming the limitations of existing skin disease treatments while developing better methods and technology for cell restoration and enrichment of damaged cells.

Our consumer products are ready and are currently in the registration process at accredited organizations such as the USFDA.

BIOCOZ GLOBAL will continue as a global biopharmaceutical company with an endless pursuit and inspired passion.