We aim to improve the quality of life everyone
BIOCOZ GLOBAL is corporate in the field of life science that endlessly researches to develop the cure for incurable skin diseases.
SPM™ is the core technology of BIOCOZ GLOBAL Since 2006, We analyzed and specified various materials in the culture fluid of cells, and started developing SPM substance composed of key factors aiding cell regeneration. We acquired the original technology patent for base substance in Korea (2017) and America (2020).

The components of SPM™ are found in the human body and show excellent results in treating chronic skin diseases and wounds.

SPM™ has the competitiveness to overcome the limitations of existing skin disease treatments and also has the potential to develop various products for cell restoration and enrichment for damaged cells.

We already released consumer products. Furthermore, we are researching to expand the mechanism to develop medical devices·pharmaceutical products. Currently, we are also in the process of registrations at accredited organizations such as the US FDA.

As a company aiming to improve the quality of life for mankind, BIOCOZ GLOBAL will grow into global biopharmaceutical company with endless effort and passion.