Our Science

SPM™ is the effective bio-composition of cell activating ingredients.
Development of SPM™

SPM™ safely and effectively assists cell growth and regeneration

SPM™ is a result of a 12 year research that began in 2006. SPM™ safely and effectively assists the cell growth and regeneration and a potential alternative solution to treating tissue damage.
SPM Recommendation Letter
Dr. Martin C. Mihm Jr.(Harvard Medical School)
  • 2006
    Research to Improve Quality of Life
    • Biocoz Global started its cell regeneration agent research with the vision to improve quality of life by developing novel therapeutics for hard to treat skin diseases.
  • 2011
    Bio Composition Formula
    • We developed the prototype bioactive agent consisting of approximately 300 distinct molecular components derived from the initial biological material.
  • 2017
    Completion SPM™
    • We arrived at a streamlined composition of 23 distinct molecular components, establishing the development of SPM™.
  • 2019
    Application SPM™
    • We are developing SPM-based therapeutics for safe and effective treatment of various target applications and indications.
The wide applicability of SPM™
Safety First
SPM™ consists of amino acids, inorganic salts, vitamins and plant-derived proteins. These components pre-exist in the human body and pose no safety risk. In addition, unlike biological extracts, the defined formulation minimizes uncertainties of its composition or risks of denaturation.
Cell and tissue regeneration properties
SPM™ promotes cell proliferation, in vitro wound migration and enhances extracellular matrix (ECM) production. SPM™ also controls epithelial inflammatory response. These efficacies support wound healing, skin barrier strengthening and tissue regenerative functions of SPM that is applicable to a myriad of dermatological disorders.
Synergy with other active ingredients
We have discovered that certain active ingredients known to be effective in skin regeneration synergize with SPM for enhanced biological efficacy, supporting a potential of SPM™ as a platform formulation that can be used with a variety of active ingredients. We are exploring additional active ingredients for synergistic effects when used with SPM.
Therapeutic mechanism of SPM™
Skin regeneration and wound healing
  • • Regenerates skin tissue damaged by chemical insults and radiation.
  • • Promotes wound migration and stimulates synthesis of the extracellular matrix components, Type I Collagen and Type III Collagen.
  • • Effective in burn, diabetic foot ulcer and corneal erosion treatment case studies.
  • Candidate Atopic Dermatitis treatment agent
  • • Suppresses the expression of IL-1α, IL-4, IL-13, TNF-α, and IFN-γ cytokine expression caused by tissue damage.
  • • In investigator-initiated test (IIT) on chronic, mild eczema and dermatitis by dermatologists, 3 weeks of topical SPM treatment alleviated dermatitis symptoms.
  • Candidate immune disorder treatment agent
  • • Suppresses mast cell degranulation.
  • Applicable Indications of SPM™

    Biocoz Global is developing symptom management and therapy products targeting a variety of disorders that can be addressed by promoting tissue regeneration and controlling inflammation, such as diabetic wounds, eczema, chronic dermatitis and dry eye syndrome.