The Better bio cell activating solution
  • Add health to cosmetics. Add health to the skin.

    SKIN ACTUALLY contains aspiration of BIOCOZ GLOBAL to improve and ‘make skin healthy’ using the advanced technology.
    With the philosophy that the true beauty of skin blooms only when the skin is healthy, we produced Skin Actually after more than 15 years of life science research.
    Skin Actually provides differentiated beauty and health.

  • The core ingredient for the skin.
    Bio Active Ingredient SPM-E™

    The core ingredient of SKIN ACTUALLY, SPM-E™, is developed based on advanced and patented technology.

    SPM-E™ has optimal ratio formula through Skin Cell Activator component analysis and is listed in the International Cosmetics Nomenclature (INCI) Patent acquisition Korea: 10-1723633 (Registration date: 2017.03.30.) U.S: US 10,801,009 B2 (Registration date: 2020.10.13.)

  • Thinking for the consumers. Freshness, Efficacy & Health

    SKIN ACTUALLY thinks for the consumers.
    We developed a fresh, healthy, and effective product with short shelf life by adding bio ingredients good for skin and eliminating the harms at most.