Our Science

SPM™ is the effective bio-composition of cell activating ingredients.
BG Research and Development Center
BIOCOZ GLOBAL’s research has been carried out at National University Hospital (NUH, Singapore) and Korea University (Seoul, South Korea). BIOCOZ GLOBAL Research and Development Center (Seoul, South Korea) was established in 2019, centralizing the core of BIOCOZ GLOBAL research in-house. BIOCOZ GLOBAL Research and Development Center investigates the biological phenomena surrounding SPM™ and other candidate pharmacological and cosmetic agents to explore the applications and potential product procurement.
Mechanistic Research
Mechanistic understanding of active ingredients at the cell, tissue and physiological level is not only a crucial part of optimizing product formulation and drug development, but also establishing the safety and efficacy of BIOCOZ GLOBAL products.
SPM Ingredient Research
BIOCOZ GLOBAL continues to analyze the chemical and biological properties of SPM™ and its component ingredients with the goal of developing SPM™ iterations with greater precision and efficacy.
Application Exploration Research
Additional test systems are constantly developed and deployed to explore additional target indications and expand BIOCOZ GLOBAL’s product development.
  • Vehicle control
  • SPM
  • Positive control

Skin cell wound repair experiment using SPM